For me, the winter can be a bit tough to get through. I don’t like cold weather, long and warm boots, and Pantyhose neither do I like the many dark hours. I am not made to live so long at north. However, it is here I am living, so I get the best out of it.

I love to use and wear many colors. My winter wardrobe is not that colorful, and my warmest clothes are in more dark colors. However, I like to dress “loud, ” and one way is to glamour up my style in the cold month. For me, glamour is many things. I have made a short list with what I think can add glamour to the wardrobe.

  1. Velvet; For me, this is the most glamorous piece of fabric. You can find some beautiful velvet here in many colors.

  2. A hat or a turban. I wear turban almost every day. You can see how I tie my turban here. I also have a dream to own one of the many beautiful hats from BEHIDA DOLIC one day

  3. Everything that glitters. Diamants bets it all, however, less can do. My friend Pia has this little Instagram shop with the most amazing pieces. Go check it out.

  4. High heels. I know that many prefer footwear that is more practical in the wintertime. However, I dream of a pair of High heels from CHANEL. This will only be a dream I will never afford them. But look, they are some of the most fantastic pieces of boots I have ever seen

  5. Fethers. There is something so magical about fathers. A father in the hair or attach to a pin to your outfit can change an outfit to something glamorouse in no time.

  6. Red lips and nails. This is some of the essentisl to make a glamorues look. I always use shellak for my nails. And on my lips I like to use MAC retro matte.