A while ago I made an excellent winter coat. It is special to me because I used hundreds of hours, and I mean hundreds. Last year I decided to give myself some homemade clothes with some exclusive details. It could be an embroidery, a handmade button or a handmade silk flower. The most important thing was that it should be something that was extraordinary, something I walked that extra mile to achieve.

This coat turned out to be one of my treasures. I am not overestimating if I said that I used 150 hours. I know that it sounds like many hours for just one piece of clothes. For me, that is the ultimate self-indulgence. I love to challenge myself in my profession and push the limit for how extraordinary you can make an ordinary piece of homemade clothes.

The reason for all the hours is the embroidery I have made onto the collar and the buttons. Along the edge of the collar, I have made a brim of French knots. The buttons are fabric covered buttons also with many French knots in red silk thread. The fabric is a cashmere underlined with Thinsulate and finally lined with a red GUCCI lining.