New York New York


For me, there's something magical about New York. Perhaps I have seen too much Sex and the city, which has wrapped the city into stylish women, fabulous outfits, and a lifestyle I dreamed of in my twenties. Now that I am in my thirties I love and prefer my quiet life in the suburbs of Copenhagen.

However, in May, I am leaving my quiet life in Denmark for a few days in New York. I'm going alone to visit Maria who has moved to New Jersey. Every day she has a view of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha Island, Manhattan. I've been to New York before, but I'm looking forward to seeing it with another perspective from the other side of the Hudson River and experience something more local.


The trip is not only pleasure; I also have to work :)

My plans for my trip are:

  •  I want to see a fashion exhibition if you have any suggestions; please share with me

  • I will visit the garment district to buy a piece of fabric as I always do when I'm traveling. The plan is to find an Anna Sui piece, I love her prints, and I think she is one of New York´s greatest designers.

  • I'm going to look at vintage shops.

  • I need to buy shoes. (Read: want)

  • And then I am going to enjoy Maria's company, eat good food, take photos,  walk and feel the city.

Have a lovely day