5 trends for this season


When the season change – so do the wardrobe – especially in the fashion industry. It is almost overwhelming how many new trends and must-haves there is every season.

I can't say all the new trends do not influence me. I am grounded in my style; however, every season I get drawn to one or two of the seasonal trends. Most of the time, I make it myself. Because it is the heart that speaks when creating and wearing an outfit. Then a seasonal trend can turn out to be a personal statement.


For this Autumn/winter I have 5 must-haves.

1. Floral embroidery

At the moment I am working on a jacket in beautiful yellow silk I bought in London last year. The collar and pockets I am making a colourful floral embellishment on In the end I will quilt the jacket so it will work like a cardigan when the weather gets a bit colder. If you want to follow the process, you can see it in my Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18062050768083426/

2. Checks

Checks is a classic. I have so many different checked outfits in my wardrobe, and I will add more this season. I have a gorgeous yellow and blue wool I want to make a pair of No. 14 Madrid and a matching vest.

3.Hair accessories

This season one of the significant trends are the padded hairband. I love all kind of hair accessories. However, hairband has never been my thing- but a padded one in emerald green and one in the same yellow silk I am making the floral jacket in will definitely be a part of my wardrobe this season.

4. Suits

For me, a suit is an essential part of my closet. I make at least one each year. The suit is my absolute favourite thing to wear when the weather turns to autumn. It keeps me warm and makes me feel I can conquer the world.

5. White boots

The most unpractical for winter in Denmark must be white boots. If you add a heel, I think you will win a prize for most unpractical footwear for the winter. SOLD! I dream of a white pair, and if I could afford this pair, I think they would make my wardrobe complete and very chic.

Nanna Martinussen