When a dress is too tight over the chest it can be difficult to see how much you need to add. So often, you need to try out and see what works best for you. In this guide I have made an average adjustment and that is a good starting point.

Start by marking the high point of your chest, often where your apex are.

1. You need to work with your upper front piece

  •  Mark the highpoint of your chest on to your pattern

2. Mark three cutting lines on to your pattern

  • Draw 3 lines from your high chest point.

  1. straight up to the neck line
  2. place between the 2 notches that makes the lower pleat
  3. place between the 2 notches that makes the upper pleat 
  •  cut into your new lines

3. Make a spread to get more volume over the chest

  • Place all pieces on to a new piece of paper

  • Spread the small pieces, need to be spread approx. 1-1,5 cm between the edge see picture belo

  • Tape the pieces together

4. Draw the pattern pieces nicely

  • On your Cf line, where the pattern piece has an uneven line, you need to draw a line in the middle of the differences. See picture below.

  • Draw an even line in neckline.