• I can not buy new made clothes, except underwear and socks.
  • The maximum pair of shoes i can buy is four (it went a bit creasy in 2017)
  • I have to use 15 pieces of fabric from my starch before I can buy new.
  • All I make or buy for my wardrobe needs to be documented with a photo and price right here. This way I can make a status at the end of 2018. 


my first make of the year also a part of my #makenine2018 on Instagram. I have made it in an Cupro with some vintage ribbon. and the pattern is from decade of style . This will be an absolutely favorite to wear at home.

total price: 131 euro (incl. fabric, pattern and trimmings)


In January I have also made a dress of an amazing piece of fabric from my favorite fabric store fabric minds. I call this dress for my hippie dress. The dress is made of three different How to do fashion sewing patterns. No. 1 Dragør for the bodice, No. 6 København as the skirt and for the sleeve I have used No. 12 aalborg.

Prize 115 euro (incl. fabric and trimmings)


I have also finished this knitted sweater made from this pattern. I have made some modifications to the neckline. But what makes this sweater is the bow.

Prize: 80 euro 


In this month I have bought some stuff. Both “legal” things but I have cheated, just because I forgot about the deal I made with myself. Woops
I have bought a raincoat. I know I could have made one myself, but I can not make one of the same quality as them you can buy, and here in Denmark it rains a lot. So, I made a quick decision and bought what I think will be my most. 

 Waist cincher 66 euros

Waist cincher 66 euros

 Bag from  & other story  60 euros bought on sale

Bag from & other story 60 euros bought on sale

 Loafers from  pretty ballerinas  150 euros bought on sale

Loafers from pretty ballerinas 150 euros bought on sale

 woops two tops 50 euros

woops two tops 50 euros

Status January:
I'm happy with what I've been sewing in January. My purchases this month became a little more than budgeted. So I have to save the next couple of months.

I have spent a total of 657.5 euros. However, it should be said that the fabric I bought last year, and it is from the stash. The yarn I bought in December, where I also started the sweater