Sewing instructions No. 5 ÅRHUS

Version 1

The inspiration for this dress it the early 1940s. The high neckline, gives the dress the illusion of having a small collar. The dress has a short sleeve and the skirt cut on bias.

Find your size:

The picture shows a size 40/12/8. Determine your size by measuring your waist and chest and compare the measurement to the size chart on your pattern.

Fabric choice:

This version is made in a cotton. You can use many kind of fabric for this style both silk, light cottons, viscose and light wool fabric is suitable.  

You will need:

  • Fabric width 130/140 cm
    • EU 34-40/UK 6-12/US 2-8 2,7 mtr.
    • EU 42-48/UK 14-20/US 10-16 3,3 mtr.
  • Fabric width 110 cm
    • EU 34-40/UK 6-12/US 2-8 4 mtr.
    • EU42-48/UK 14-20/US 10-16 5 mtr.
  • Lining 25 cm.
  • Thread.
  • 1 zipper 30 cm.
  • Small piece of interfacing.


I recommend that you always make a muslin before you cut the fashion fabric, to make sure your finished dress will fit you perfectly. Find the fitting guide right here.

Cutting fabric:

Each pattern piece is marked with a capital letter. On the cutting layout plan, you’ll find the same capital letters so that you can easily see which pattern pieces to use for the view you’ve chosen.


NB! Pattern piece E, is mirrored on a piece of paper, so you don´t have to place it on fold when cutting.


NB! Also cut lining with pattern piece C.

Pattern piece D is cut x 4.


NB! The pattern has 1 cm seam allowances included, unless otherwise noted.

1.    Cut all the pieces.

2.    Cut 2 pieces of interfacing with the measurement 3x30 cm.

3.    Press interfacing to the left side seam at the top, on the wrong side of the fabric, on both front and back piece. You do this to make it easier when sewing in the zipper.

4.    Overlock/zig zag all sides of the skirt separately.

5.    Overlock/zig zag CF and side seam of the top.




Sew the skirt

6.    Sew the skirt together in the all the long seams, right sides together. Sew according to notches.

7.    Sew a front and back piece.

8.    Sew front and back piece together in one side seam, right sides together.

9.    Sew the other side seam together 20 cm from bottom and up, this will be your left side.

10.  Hem the skirt with a narrow hem

NB! Now you have a skirt, it is time to sew the bodice.

Sew the bodice:

11. Sew the darts on the back, with right sides together.

12. Sew the neck seam right sides together.

13. Sew the neckline. Place the front piece neckline to the back piece neckline, right sides together, and sew.

14. Make a small cut in the corner of the front piece, do NOT cut in the back piece, now turn the fabric, and sew the shoulder seam, right sides together.

15. Fold a pleat on both left and right front piece. Fold the direction the arrow is pointing, the pleats are facing down on the right side of the fabric.

16. Place the two folded front pieces on top of each other, right sides together. Pin and be very precise so the pleats fit on top of each other.

17. Sew the CF together from the bottom and up to where the pleats stop.

18. Overlock/zig zag shoulder seam.

19. Hand stitch the collar to the neckline, by folding the collar inside the top. Note! Only stitch in the neck.

20. Sew skirt and bodice together. Let it be open in the left side seam.

21. Overlock/zig zag waste line.

22. Now you are ready to sew in the zipper. The zipper starts 4 cm below the armhole.

23. Sew the rest of the side seam.

Sew the sleeves:

24. Place sleeve lining on right side of the main fabric. Sew in the bottom line.

25. Understitch the lining

26. Press the sleeves nicely.

27. Sew in the sleeves, by pinning the sleeves into the armhole. The end of the sleeve is overlapping each other according to the notches.

28. Overlock/zig zag the sleeves.