How to sew bias binding - the easy way


One of my favorite sewing technique is to sew bias binding. I think it is a very delicate way to finish up a seam or edge. sometimes I think it looks a bit heavy, so I use this technique instead of the more classic approach to sewing a bias binding.

  • Place the bias tape in the neckline/armscye with right sides together

  • Fold 1 cm of the bias tape and pin it to the neckline/armscye


Place the bias tape in the neckline. You need to ease the neckline a bit.

Sew the binding in place using a 1 cm seam allowance, overlap the ends with 2 cm.


Press the bias tape around the seam allowance, the overlock must lay flat on the inside.


From the right make a topstitch to the bias tape 0.2 cm from the ditch.