General info



All HOW TO DO FASHION patterns is developed for women wanting to craft beautiful clothes that highlight the best parts of their bodies. We aim at making this as easy and informative as possible. Due to this we have added seam allowance to all pattern pieces and none of the pieces are overlapping.

If you find errors in a pattern, please let us know so we can correct it (please use the contact form). This way you are helping us produce an even better product.


All our sewing instructions are available online on our homepage. In the online instructions you can find links for videos and guides to different details. If you wish, you can also print the instructions from the homepage.

All instructions are also available through our HOW TO DO FASHION app (iPhone only).

Please let us know if you find an error in either a sewing instruction or the app so we can correct it as fast as possible.


You will find all HOW TO DO FASHION patterns in size EU 34 -48/ UK 8 – 20/ US 2 – 16. On your pattern sheet/ PDF file you will find a size guide and a finished measurement guide. When you Compare the two measurements you can see how fitted the style is designed.


We aim to creat a adjustment guid for all patterns. Some will be general adjustments while others will be more individualize for the particular pattern. If you have suggestions for adjustments please contact us.

Skill levels

* Easy model without too many details and containing few pattern pieces – Beginner.

** Easy model with few details (eg. Zipper) – Beginner/Intermediate.

*** Average difficulty containing details like pockets or untraditional cuts – Intermediate.

**** Average to difficult containing many details, more complicated pockets and sleves. This is more time consuming – Higher Intermediate.

***** Difficult pattern containing many details and using harder sewing techniques and more complex constructions – Advanced.


If you want to get in contact with us please use the contact form.