from the photo shoot with The red dotted outfit
Pia Storm has a frill detail on the placket. Here I will show how you make it.

 You follow the sewing instructions to point 9. Do the following and then continue with the rest of the sewing instruction.

  1. You need to make an extra pattern piece for the frill
  • Make a pattern piece with the measurement 70 cm X 7 cm
  • Cut out 4 pieces of this pattern piece. I have used two different kind of fabric to give a more layered effect; the top layer is a chiffon. But you can also use the same fabric for all pieces

2. Time to sew.

  • Hem all frill parts, on one of the long sides. Use this technique.
  • Take two of the frill pieces (chiffon) and cut 1 cm off the long raw edge
  • Place the narrow part on top off the wide part and gather the frill so it will fit the bodice front edge.
  • Place one frill piece on each side of the front piece and sew.