What do you prefer, pants or dresses?

That is a question, I think is impossible to answer. One does not exclude the other. For me it is all about the fit and style. As long as the outfit I am wearing makes me feel great and emphasizes who I am.

No matter what style you prefer you can wear both. The important thing is that you choose the right fit and silhouette. For me it is a tight shape around my waist and bum and with long and wide legs. I newer choose to go for a pair of pants that are in fashion, so some seasons my pants are in fashion and sometime they are not. However, that does not matter; I feel and look great in them.

The No. 7 Vanløse pants is my favorite pair. I have made them in many different fabrics and in many different versions. Both a sailor version, a pair of shorts and some with pin tucks. The latest pair is a pair with even more width in.

On Thursday I will show you how to make thees lovely pair of wide legged pair of pants.

Have a lovely day

Best Nanna