One of the last summer outfits I made was this. I only used it twice before it got too cold. However, the skirt I have been wearing many times. I know it will be one of my favorite pieces to wear this winter. I have made it in a light wool, and it works so well with pantyhose. It´s made from one of the many remnants form Fabric Minds. I love those; you get such a good quality for a small amount of money.

I made the skirt from the No. 11 Malmø sewing pattern and the top from the No. 9 Rønne. Both made in blue shades. The skirt I made in a checked wool fabric and the top in silk with a Leo print. Both fabrics from fabric minds. I have added a lot of blue accessories. When you make an outfit with many colors from the same shade, you will get a monochrome look. The monochrome look will give you the opportunity to mix different patterns without looking like a Christmas tree.

That was all for today

Have a lovely day.

Best Nanna