Do I love Paris? Yes who doesn't

Europe is full of great fashion exhibitions at the moment. For me, the absolutely must see, the DIOR exhibition in Paris. Time is flying, and in a few month, it is over. Therefore, I have now booked the flight and a hotel room. Now there is only two thing left to do. 1. plan the one, and a half day I will spend in Paris 2. Look forward to my trip.

I am going all by myself, I have not done that for many years, but I love it. It is going to be an ego trip.

Here is what I would like to do when I Paris:

  • DIOR of course, this is why I am taking this trip.

  • Going to the Musée Jacquemart-André. This museum was a private home until 1912. The interior design and architecture are typical French. It is decadent and extravagant but still with the great French taste. I have also heard that the sea saloon is one of the best in Paris.

  • I will, of course, eat a lot of macaroons and pies

  • Look at amazing French fashion

  • With no doubt, feel taste and breathe the atmosphere of Paris.

If you have any recommendations, not the typical ones like the Eifel tower and Louvre. More in the direction of a fun shop, great cheap food, small French designers a magical café or a secret place. If you have something to share, I will eagerly accept.