If you have been to my website ones or twice, you have probably seen my illustrated cats because They have been a part of my visual identity from the beginning, but now it's time to let go of them.

A business is like a human being, it grows and develops - it is affected by childhood diseases, and in the beginning, it is all insecure. It also becomes a teenager and makes rebellious things, walking in the dark to get to know themselves. But then one day it all clicks!

HOW TO DO FASHION has stumbled and had all the childhood diseases a child should have. It has had a redbellies period and an identity crisis. Now my 'child' has grown up, and I feel so proud of where my business is landed - and not least where it's heading.

These three cats have been with me from the beginning. They have been my muses. When I've designed, I've always had them in mind. Each cat has represented a type of woman I have made designs for. They have helped me a lot in my work because I always have been able to relate to them visually. They have served as more than one figure on my website, they have been a real tool for me. I still like them a lot, but they do not talk to me the same way anymore - they are good memories, and they make me think about how it all started.

For the past five years I have grown, I have developed a business and as a business owner and designer. I no longer use my cats. They have done what they should and will always mean something very special to me. Now I'm landed somewhere I can express myself more nuanced, and I have a more significant visual vocabulary when I'm going to design in the future.

The cats will figure in my website a bit longer, but soon they will be put away. I hope you have enjoyed their company as much as I have. But I hope you are ready to enter the 'adults’ with me and experience my new identity? I am.