I met someone who could read my thoughts

The feeling of being done with the website is fantastic. It has been an enormous job which has been going on for many months, but fortunately, I have not been alone!

Last year I needed some new posters for a Vintage Fair in Vega in Copenhagen. For a long time, I had some difficulty finding myself in my universe. One evening in one of my weekly workshops I was talking about that. One of my participants, Eva, is an art director, and she said she could make a draft of some posters – And that she did!

A few days later I opened an email from Eva, I had expected it to be a picture with new text on, but it was so much more than that. It was the essence of how I saw How to do fashion. This was what I wanted I was not in doubt for a second that this was the new direction my business was going. The incredible thing was that I had met someone who could read my thoughts before I even was finished thinking them. One that understood my ideas and visions. This was the start of building a new identity of How to do fashion.


I don't know much about building visual identities. How to do fashion has sprung out of me and in many ways has been created along the way. I have always had some difficulty describing How to do fashion in words. But Eva has helped me put words and direction on what I really wanted. She has created a visual frame that fits my universe but still respects my story.

At the end of the summer, we had a photo day. The theme of the day was the word handwork. We interpreted and played with the word. It ended up with some odd, quirky and incredibly beautiful pictures as you already can see here on the website.


Now it was time to do the work to develop the website, patterns, samples, photo-shoot, instructions, editing images, etc. At times it has been so hectic that I almost lost my breath. But with Eva on my side, we have created the universe and language that I can express myself with, and it feels so great.

Thanks Eva


Nanna Martinussen