Brighten up your style


For many years I have avoiding knitwear, not that I don’t like it, but I have not been able to find some that had the right fit, and that highlighted my body rather than hiding it. Therefore, I haven’t had any knitwear in my wardrobe.

For a long time, I have dreamed of knitting my own, but every time it has ended up being something I have only wanted to wear, when I have had an off day. However, then, by Eva, I was introduced to knitting needles 3 mm, and that sent me on a new adventure; knitting with finesse and details. What has surprised me most is that knitwear like this, can be used for both every day but also more festive occasions because they emphasize my curves instead of hiding them.

This cardigan is the Pinna cardigan designed by Eva; you can buy it here at How to do fashion and right now it's my favourite cardigan. Here it is seen together with a No. 7 Vanløse in a wild colour combination- I love it.