A classic and timeless look.

I have knitted a Pinna cardigan as a present for Maria in a deep red colour. The colour compliments Maria's ivory skin and emphasizes her beautiful figure.

 Often, we hesitate to use patterned fabric on our bottoms because we are afraid it will make us look heavier. If you are worried about that, start by using small prints like checked fabric or fabric with thin stripes. The cardigan looks great with both trousers and dresses, so I have styled two outfits, one with pants and one with a dress both made in patterned fabrics.

In this post, I will show you how I would use it with a dress on an autumn day when the weather can be a bit chilly.

 The dress is made from the “No. 16 Sevilla” pattern in a black and white houndstooth patterned fabric. In combination with the red cardigan, you get a classic and timeless look.



Nanna Martinussen