How to style your summer dresses for autumn!


I just love all my summer dresses – right now I especially love my new dress made from No.15 Barcelona cape. I think you should be able to use the dresses all year – however, I don´t want to freeze. Here I will show you how you can style your Barcelona dress when the weather gets colder.

I am not always a fan of covering my dresses with jackets and dresses – sometimes I think it works better if you take something under the dresses, so it doesn’t change the overall look of the dress.

So in sted of covering the dress, I put something under. The secret is to find a t-shirt or a body-stocking with a tight fit. And with a neckline that compliments the dress neckline.

With just a few changes, you can turn the look from a day look to an evening look.


Nanna Martinussen