Full or flat seat


When you have a flat seat

Often there will be too much fabric on your center back seam (CB). This causes the trousers to show too big on the thighs and the lower part of the bum.

When having a full seat:

The trousers tend to crawl up. When alternating for a full seat do the opposite of the flat seat.

NOTE! Only Work With The Back Piece Of The Trouser.

1. Crotch line on the back piece has to be shorter/longer

  • Draw a curved line from the crotch line down along the inner seam. You can reduced or add with a maximum of 1.5 cm.

2. Lower/raise the waist

  • You can lower/raise The waistline to a maximum of 1.3 cm at center back (CB). The line has to end into zero on the side seam. Remove the cutaways.


3. Trace of a new back facing

  • Measure 5 cm from waistline and down at CB, both sides of the dart and side seam.

  • Draw a line in between the dart; it has to be slightly curved, as illustrated below.

  • Trace the two small facing pieces onto another piece of paper and tape them together at the dart lines. Now you have a new facing.