Sway back adjust on both top and bottom


Put on your muslin dress.

Pin away the extra fabric on your lower back

Mark with a pencil on both sides of your fitting, where you have put in your pins. Take out the pins and draw between your pencil markings. Now you can measure how much you need to adjust and remove from your pa


You are working with the back piece.

  • Trace all the strokes from your test dress on to your pattern. Do it by measuring on the test dress and copy the shape and measurement on to your pattern. The red strokes is the new ones.

  • Cut into your pattern where your red strokes are.


2.The measurement on the bodice and bottom must be the same.

Throw the small pieces away.

Now you need to measure the waistline on both your bottom and top, to be sure that they have the same measurement. You need to measure on both sides of your darts.

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