How to hem with interfacing

Did you know that you can make your interfacing when you hem a jacket or a coat? You can! I always do this when I hem jackets or coats with lining. I learned the technique many years ago, and I will now share it with you.

Use lightweight interfacing, which will work best.

Start by cutting long pieces with the same width as your hemline. A hemline on a jacket or coat are often between 4 or 5 cm

1. Therefore, cut many long pieces of interfacing with a width of 4 cm. Make a lot so you can make a small stash for later use.

2. Place two pieces with right sides together; The glue side has to turn out.

3. Sew on your sewing machine with long and loose stitches the two pieces together

  • Now the two pieces is one.


4. Place the interfacing onto the hem.

5-6. Spread the interfacing and press between the layers, press the interfacing onto the fabric.

  • 7. Fold your hemline and press again.

    8. Now you have made the hem and you still have seam allowance to work with so you can sew the lining into the jacket.