“Wings at back”

Pin away extra fabric

  • Mark your pins, with a pen, and draw lines onto the muslin with a ruler. This is the easiest way to see how much to removed from the pattern to get the best fit. 


1. Work with the back piece

  • Transfer all the lines from the muslin to the paper pattern. This is done by measuring on the muslin and then transfer the lines to the pattern. The new lines are indicated with red, like illustrated below.

  • Now cut the red lines.

  • Throw the shaded pieces out, the back piece is now divided into 2 pieces ( piece 1 and 2)

2. Tape the pieces together

  • Connect the two pattern pieces,  they have to fit at the back dart. This will give an uneven armhole.  

  • Shape the armhole again, by drawing a curved line.  


3. The finished pattern piece

  • Make a grainline and name the pattern.