You will need

Fabric width 140 cm

  • Size. 1-3 3.25 m.


4 buttons

Interfacing 70 cm

Lining 1.6 m

No. 15 Barcelona- Version 1

This cape has a collar, pockets, and pleats at the waistline. It has ties to emphasize the waistline. The front is fully lined, while the back is partially lined.

Fabric choice:

Medium to heavy weight woven fabric. Wool, Linen or heavy silk. The final look of the garment will depend on the type of fabric you choose. Not suitable for jersey.Find din størrelse:

Find Your Size:

Take your bust measurement according to the measurement chart. Choose the size closest to your measurement see measurement chart here.

Cutting Fabric

On each pattern piece you will find a capital letter. On the cutting layout plan, you will find the same capital letters so that you can easily see which pattern pieces to use for the view you have chosen.





NB! The Pattern Has 1 Cm Seam Allowances Included, Unless Otherwise Noted.

1.    Cut all pieces according to the cutting layout plan.

2.    Press interfacing to the sleeve facing,  the collar, the front facing, the pocket flap and around the square hole at the front piece (E, F, G, and H).


3.    Sew the collar, right sides together. Turn and press.

4.    Sew the dart on the back piece, right sides together.

5.    Overlock

a.    The dart.

b.    The center-back seam allowances.


6.    Sew the sleeve cap to the shoulder, right sides together.

7.    Overlock the sleeve cap seam allowances. Be careful at the corner. See here how to overlock the corner.

8.    Press the seam allowances towards the center-back. Fold the pleats and stitch it in place.

9.    Sew the center-back seam, right sides together.

Sew the pocket

10.    Fold the pocket flap, right sides together, and sew the short edges. Turn and press.

11.    Place the pocket flap on the right side of the front piece. See sketch.

12.    Place one of the pocket bags on top of the pocket flap. Sew the pocket flap and pocket bag to the front piece. The seam line must have the same length as the pocket flap.

13.    Place another pocket bag on the other side of the square at the front piece.

14.  Clip the corners. Be careful to only the pocket flap and not the pocket bag. Turn the pockets to the wrong side of the front piece.


15.    Place the two pocket bags on top of each other.  This makes a pleat on the front piece. Sew the pocket bags together. The easiest way is to use a zipper foot.

16.    Sew the pleat and press it towards center-front.

17.   Topstitch the pocket flaps to the front piece.


Assemble the shell

18.    Sew the front to the back in the raglan seam. Stop the seam at the notch.

19.    Place the collar on the neckline, right sides together and stitch it in place. The collar ends at the raglan seam.

Sew the lining

20.    Sew the waist tie and turn it to the right side.

21.    Sew the front piece waist pleat.

22.    Sew the front facing to the front piece, right sides together.

23.   Hem the back lining, making a narrow hem. See how.

24.    Finish the edge of the long side on the sleeve facing.

25.    Sew the sleeve facing to the back lining, right sides together.

26.   Sew the dart on the shoulder, right sides together.

27.    Sew the front piece to the back in the raglan seam. Stop the seam at the notch.

28.    Place the two back lining pieces on top of each other, aligning them at the notch. Baste them together. 

29.    Place the waist tie on the front piece, 1 cm from the sleeve opening. Sew them in place.

 Assemble the cape

30.   Place the lining and the shell back pieces, right sides together and sew them together at neckline. The collar is between the layers.

 31. Understitch the lining.

32.    Place the lining on the shell, right sides together, and sew the sleeve opening. NB! Be careful not to catch the seam allowance from the raglan seam in the sleeve opening

33.    Understitch the facing.

34.    Sew the hem at the back facing, right sides together.

35.    Turn and press.

36.    Sew the hem on the front, right sides together.

37.    Sew the front edge to the front facing, right sides together.

38.    Sew the side seam with waist tie. Fold the hem as shown in the sketch.

39.    Turn the front piece to the right side through the opening in the raglan seam.

40.   Fold and press the 3 cm hem.

41.    Hem the cape using a catch stitch.

42.    Sew the buttonholes and sew the buttons to the cape.