You will need

Fabric width 140 cm

EU 34-40/UK 6-12/US 2-8 2.2 m

EU 42-48/UK 14-20/US 10-16 2.7 m

Interfacing 0.3 m


1 hook-and-eye

2 buttons with a diameter of about 1.5 - 2 cm

1 zipper 45-60 cm long

No. 16 Sevilla - Version 1

A dress with an empire cut. The bodice is cut on bias and has a keyhole neckline. The bottom has a mermaid shape.

Fabric choice:

Light to medium weight woven fabric. Cotton, Silk, Wool, Viscose, Cupro, Linen or Polyester. Works well in fabrics with comfort stretch. Not suitable for jersey.

Find Your Size:

Take your measurement according to the measurement chart. Choose the size closest to your measurement see measurement chart here


We recommend that you always make a muslin before you cut the fashion fabric, to make sure your finished style will fit you perfectly.

Cutting Fabric

On each pattern piece you will find a capital letter. On the cutting layout plan, you will find the same capital letters so that you can easily see which pattern pieces to use for the view you have chosen.





1.            Cut all your pieces from fabric and interfacing.

2.            Press the interfacing to the facings (C and D).

3.            Sew the shoulder seams of the neckline facing, right sides together.

v1-3 eng.png

4.            Overlock the following pieces:

•             The long side of the neckline facing.

•             All the long sides of the skirt

•             Shoulder, armscye, side seams, and the center back seam on the bodice.

Sew the skirt:

5.            Sew the center-front piece to the side front piece, right sides together, aligning the notches.

6.            Sew the center-back piece to the side back piece, right sides together, aligning the notches.

7.            Sew the side seams, right sides together.

8.            Press all seam allowances open.

 9.        Hem the skirt.

10.       TIP!

a.           If working in lightweight fabrics like silk, viscose or chiffon, sew a narrow hem like this.

b.          If working in medium-weight fabrics like wool, boucle or jacquard, hem with a catch stitch like this.

Sew the bodice:

11.       Sew the pleat on the front piece, right sides together. Press it like a box pleat.

 12.       Sew the darts on the back piece, right sides together. Press them towards center-back.


13.      Sew the center-front. Begin sewing 1 cm from the bottom and stop at the notch, right sides together. Remember to backstitch.

14.       Sew the front neck facing at CF, right sides together. Begin at the notch and sew to the bottom.

15.       Sew the shoulder seams, right sides together.

16.       Sew the side seams, from the bottom to the notch, right sides together.


17.       press all seam allowances open.

18.       Place the neckline facing on the neckline of the bodice, right sides together. Sew from center-front to center-back. At center-front it is important to stop exactly at the last stitch from the CF seam and not catch the seam allowance in the seam. Repeat on the other side.

19.       Understitch the neck facing and front neckline facing as far as you can. Clip notches to the seam allowance.

20.       Trim the seam allowance of the small round overlap to 0.5 cm. Turn and press the neckline.

21.       Hem the sleeves in the same way as the skirt.


Assemble the dress:

22.       Sew the bodice to the skirt in the waist, right sides together.

23.       Overlock the seam allowances together.

24.       Sew the zipper to the center-back. Stop the zipper at the notch.

25.       Fold the neck facing over the zipper, right sides together. Sew the zipper in place in between the fabric. Turn and press.

26.       Stitch the center-front neckline facing to the seam allowance.

27.     Sew a hook-and-eye at center-back.

28.    Place the two buttons at the front and sew them in place.