No. 5 Århus - Fitting

Moving waistline


NB! this is a fitted dress. the placement of the waist is where the waist is smallest and where a belt fits naturally. place a belt at your waist and make small dots underneath the belt all the way around. these dots are the placement of the new waistline. 

high waist – the waist is placed above the waistline on the pattern.

1. work with the front- and back piece. on the skirt piece, check measurements.

  • Measure on the muslin, where your waist is. transfer the dots to the pattern.

  • On the back piece, it is important, that the same measurements are placed on the dart lines, to avoid uneven darts.  look at the arrows on the picture below.

 2. shorten the waist

  • now cut the red lines, throw the small parts away.

  • measure the new waistline on the top part and the waistline on the skirt part to see if it matches.

  • nb! in case you move the waistline more than 1-1,5 cm. the waistline fits the skirt part. 


Low Waist - Your Waist Is Lower Than The Pattern.

1. Extend waist at front

  • Tape a piece of paper underneath the pattern.

  • Measure on the muslin and draw the same measurement on the pattern.  

2. Extend waist at back

  • Tape a piece of paper underneath the pattern.

  • Measure on the sample and draw the same measurement on the pattern.

  • Draw the new dart lines on the new line, by drawing a perpendicular line from the new line and up to the dart line.

  • Now draw the new dart lines, by drawing a line from the top point of the dart and down to the point on the new waistline. The darts gets narrower where the old waistline was placed before.