The absolute best thing about sewing your own clothes is the amount of personality you can put in your clothes. For me all the small details is one of the thing that makes me feel special. I always do that extra in the hemline. Here I am sharing to hem with lace I do very often.

Wide hem

  • This hemline I only use if I have a minimum of 4 cm hem.

  • On the wrong side of the fabric i sew a lace on the edge before i fold up and hem.

  • Right side has only a top stitch.

Narrow hem

This hemline is nice to use when you have a curved hemline and  only have 1 cm of seam allowance

  • .With right side together i place lace on the fabric and sew with 0,5 cm

  • On right side I make a top stitch aprox. 0,2-0,4 cm from edge. I do this to keep the lace in place