The question about how I hem my dresses is a question I often get. I do not have a final answer on that particular question. It always depend on the final fabric.

Cotton fabrics I like to hem on my sewing machine. I like to pimp my hemline with laces.

Silk and other delicate fabrics I like to hem by hand. However, some light and delicate fabrics is very suitable for a machine stitch, but if you’re in doubt, always test it before you finish your hem

Wool fabrics I often hem with a catch stitch. However, I always hide the catch stitch in the hem so it’s invisible. Here you can see how I do it.

  • Press your hem. Then fold and pin the first cm like on the picture.

  • You almost make triangle in a zig-zag pattern. the thread must be invisible from the front so only catch a bit of the fabric.