A jacket without shoulder pads do not feel like a jacket to me but more like a cardigan. However sometimes I like the feeling of a jacket that is not fully lined. Sometimes I sew a jacket in a pale color. If I do so, I think that the shoulder pads looks ugly on the inside or you can see the color of the shoulder pad through the pale fabric. Therefore, I cover my shoulder pads with fabric. In this post, I will show how I do it.

Cut two pieces of fabric with the measurement 25 cm x 25 cm. in jacket without a full lining I like to use fabric with a fun print. In jackets made in a pale color, where there is a risk of the shoulder pads to be visible, I use the same lining as for the jacket.

  • Place the shoulder pad diagonally on the wrong side on fabric. Then the grainline will be on bias.

  • Fold the fabric around the shoulder pad and pin

  • Cut away the extra fabric and finish the raw edges.