I love to spoil myself, one of the best way for me to do that is to make myself something pretty. It has to be as pretty on the inside as on the outside and that demand bias binding. Hear I will show you how you can make your own. I do not use a bias band folder

  • Fold the fabric on bias, 45 degrees. Cut in the fold.

  • I always cut my bias tape with a roller cutter however, a scissor will do. The way I calculate the width on my bias tape is like this (finished width x 4 + 0,4 cm) the 0,4 cm is extra for folding

  • To make my bias tape longer I sew all the pieces together.
  • It is important that the ends on your bias tape has a 45 degree angel. They will automatically get that when cutting them on bias, so be sure not to trim the ends
  • When sewing together the pieces, be sure that you place the ends like on the picture
  • Press all seams open

  • Sew the right side of the bias tape onto the wrong side of the edge.
  • Fold bias tape over and press

  • Make the 2. fold by hand
  • Fold the bias tape around the edge. The folded edge must cover the first stitch, then the last stitch will look nice on both sides.

  • Make a top Stitch along the folded edge