The sailor pants is a Classic. And for many years I have dreamed of a pair. In this week, I will guide you to make your own pair of sailor trousers with the No. 7 pattern.

First, you have to change the pattern. You are only going to work with the front piece.

Divide your waist in two

1. Draw a line straight down to the bottom. The line needs to be parallel with the grainline

Draw the front panel

2. On your new line, make a mark 17 cm down. Make a right angel square with a width of 4 cm se drawing. This is going to be the facing.

Draw your side panel

3. Make a mark 11 cm down at your CF. from this point draw a curved line to the 17 cm mark.

Trace off the two pattern piece.

4. Draw a dotted line to indicate a fold line on

5. Ad seam allowance in the center of the pattern pieces

6. Make a facing pattern piece for interfacing