New week new inspiration for your Vanløse pattern

I love to put on high waisted trousers; I think they are classy and very flattering on most women. I like the way they hug where the naturally waist is and the fact that I can hide my bum when I pick up my daughter or bend over. The Vanløse trousers have a high waist, but I have made a version with an even higher waist.  I have removed the facing and replaced it with a shaped waistband instead.

I made them for the photo shoot of my latest pattern the No. 10 Stockholm and No. 11 Malmø I think the combination of the patterns is perfect.

I have made an extra pattern piece for the waistband and you can print it here.



Each pattern piece is marked with a capital letter. On the cutting layout plan, you’ll find the same capital letters so that you can easily see which pattern pieces to use for the version you’ve chosen.

NB! Cut pattern piece X & Y in interfacing one time.

You will need:

  • Fabric: Width 140 cm
    • EU 34-48/UK 6-20/US 2-16 2,5 Mtr.
  • Fabric: Width 110 cm
    • EU 34-48/UK 6-20/US 2-16 2,5 Mtr.
  • Thread
  • Invisible zipper 35 cm  
  • Interfacing/fucing 30 cm


13.  Place the waistband at the waist of the trousers, right sides together, and sew it in place. Press the seam allowance into the waistband. 

14.  Sew in the invisible zipper

15.  Place the two waistbands righte sides together and sew together at the top.

16.  Understitch the waistband.

17.  Fold the inside of the waistband back. The waistbands is now facing right sides together. Sew the ends by the zipper 0,5 cm from the raw edge.

18.  Turn the waistband. Press and finish the waistband by stitching in the ditch from the right side of the skirt.