Summer is my favorite time of the year. There is so many nice (“hyggelig” is the Danish word, but there is no explanation for that in English) flea markets.

One thing is all the small market places another is all the trips to visit friends in their summer houses. Some weeks ago we went to Tisvilde, a small town north of Copenhagen and there was a flea market with a lot of good stuff. When I go to a flea market I always have a mental list, however I also try to go with the flow.  

At this market, I found one of the thing I had on my list. Ever since I saw Downtown abbey I have dream of a shawl with embroidery and long fringes. You know, the one you can drape over your shoulder, and puff, you look innocent and mysterious at the same time. I found just the right silk shawl in the right color and with a flower embroidery. Now I just need a warm summer evening.