Introducing Maria

Meet Maria, Maria is one of the coolest, most beautiful and bravest women I know!! She was attending one of my workshops in 2017, and since then she has been a part of my life. Today she is my muse, my model, my employee and not least a loving and colorful part in my everyday life.

Maria is one of those women who owns herself and dare to express her personally through the clothes she wears. However it has been a journey for her to be where she is today. I have been so lucky to follow her over the last few years, a completely amazing change. Here I am not talking about great weight loss but about self-confidence, love for a body that sometimes fails on her, grounding and accepting the body she have been given. She will share that journey with us here on the blog.


For now, you just have to enjoy this short movie of a beautiful woman in a beautiful suit. Happy Friday.