Find your color!


Believe it or not. Eight years ago, I was terrified of wearing colors. The primary color in my wardrobe was black, dark blue and grey.

Over the last eight years, that has changed a lot, and today it is full of colors. Not every color in the rainbow, I wish. But I have as you probably also have, some colors that fit me better than other and some colors that just don’t work for you. But how do you find your colors? I will try to give you an example here.

I will say one thing; I am not a color expert but what I have used for years is the combination of your skin undertone and your eye color. This has helped me to stop buying fabrics with the wrong color.

The skin’s undertone tells you if you should go for warm or cold colors.

The eye color indicates what will be your go-to color.

I will use myself as an example.

1.    My skin has a red/pink-ich undertone- this means that I shall go for cool colors

2.    My eyes are green/gray which means my top colors is greens and grays

When I combine these two, I will find my colors. The best is cool greens and greys. However, I can also use blues and purple and pastels as long they are cool.

colorwheel300 eng.png

Two different greens, however, I can't use the warm green only the cool green.

kond grøn.jpg

Two different bright colors. You can easily be mistaken on a warm color if it is very bright. However, red is a warm color, and the violet is a cool color. so for my skin tone, i will go for the violet NOT the red.

varm pink.jpg

My favorite color-combo


If you have a more olive/yellow undertone go for warm colors

And if you are the lucky one with a neutral undertone, you can use all colors.


Play with colors and don’t be afraid to stand out

Happy weekend


Nanna Martinussen