Pack your suitcase with (almost) only one pattern

When I am going on holiday, I always pack my suitcase most practically. Not practical in the safari shorts way – more in the way “as little as possible with most possibilities” dos it makes sense?

I ALWAYS plan all outfits before I pack the suitcase. Then I know what will work, and I only chose to bring things with many styling opportunities.


I have made a travelling wardrobe of No. 7 Vanløse to show you how much you can get out of one pattern. You can also find my packing list and of course some pictures of all the outfits I will bring for my next trip to Rome, Paris or another European city

Day 1

I want to feel compatible at the same time feeling dressy enough to go to a restaurant and have a nice lunch.


A quick change – off with the brooch, a belt in the waist, new bag and shoes and I am ready for an evening out.


 Day 2

For me, a day with long walks means I have to wear trousers or shorts. Otherwise, my inner thighs will get very sore.


A change to a more festive outfit and I am ready for a fun night on the town.



Travelling day