No. 7 Vanløse - Sailor trousers

You will need:

Width 110 cm

EU 34-48/UK 6-20/US 2-16 2.75 m.

Fabric width 140 cm

EU 34-48/UK 6-20/US 2-16 2.5 m.


Invisible zipper 30 cm  

Interfacing 30 cm

6 buttons with a diameter of 2-2,5 cm

The sailor pants is a Classic. And for many years I have dreamed of a pair. In this week, I will guide you to make your pair of sailor trousers with the No. 7 sewing pattern.

Pattern making

1 Divide your waist in two

  • Draw a line straight down to the bottom. The line needs to be parallel with the grainline

2 Draw the front panel

  • On your new line, make a mark 17 cm down. Make an angle of 90° and draw a line of 4 cm see illustration drawing, Is going to be the facing.

3 Draw your side panel

  • Make a mark 11 cm down at your cf. From this point draw a curved line to the 17 cm mark.

  • Trace off the two pattern piece.


Trace the pattern

4. Draw a dotted line to indicate a fold line on

5. Ad seam allowance in the center of the pattern pieces

6. Make a facing pattern piece for interfacing


Cutting Fabric:

On each pattern piece you will find a capital letter. On the cutting layout plan, you will find the same capital letters so that you can easily see which pattern pieces to use for the view you have chosen.



Sew front piece

  • sew the two front pieces, right sides together, up to 1 cm after where the facing starts.

  • Fold the facing onto the wrong side, fold accordingly to the fold line on your pattern, and press

  • Sew with wring sides together sew the underlap on front. pres seam open