One of the things I like about a great pattern is when it easily can be made into another design. The No. 8 Svaneke sewing pattern is so versatile. here I will give you one more way to use the pattern.

If you do not have the pattern yet you can get it here both as a printed pattern and PDF pattern.

I have made this blouse in a jacquard bought at fabric minds. I did not like the right side of the fabric, so I used the wrong side. 

For this version I have used version 2 and made the waist pleats from version 1

You will need:


  • 110 cm wide

o   Size 34-48 1,4 m Fabric

  • 110 cm wide

o   Size 34-48 1.8 m

  • Thread
  • 1 zipper 15-20 cm long.
  • 20 cm interfacing

Make Pattern piece X (peplum)

  • The measurement of the peplum is the finished waist measurement x 2 you need the measurement from version 1.
  • The finished height is 15 cm.
  • I use 2 cm for hem

Example for a size 40:

High 15 cm + 1 cm for seam allowance + 2 cm for hem = 18 cm

Width 80 cm + 1 cm for seam allowance =81 this pattern piece needs to be cut on fold see cutting lay plan


  • mark the square darts to your pattern and then to your fabric when cutting
  • fold the darts right sides together, and sew to the markings.

Sew the peplum:

14. overlock the two short sides and one of the longe sides on both pieces.

15. sew the peplum together in the side seams (short sides) right sides together. press seam open

16. gather the peplum so it fits to the bodice. Make the side seams fit on to each other.

17. Sew the peplum to the bodice, right sides together.

18. Finish the waist seam allowance by overlocking or with bias tape

19. hem the peplum with either a narrow hem (great for shirt fabric and cotton) or a invisible hem  like on the one i did